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We have covered it all! Yes. Employees, Managers, HR Administrators and services all using the same system in a secured environment. So, you will never lose track of a single request anymore! What’s more, we will take of the end to end process including document collection and payments all of which can be tracked by everyone involved in the process! Less admin work - Exchange of documents and chat with the service provider is all available in unified platform. So, update of employee records (e.g., after visa renewal) is done by the service provider. We are continuously working with the leading service providers to automate the below services and more across all Emirates of UAE.

Service Description
Visa Services Employment Entry Permit, Residence Visa Stamping, Employment Visa Renewal,Visa Cancellation, Medical Test, Family visas and more related to employment visas.
Employee Travel Tickets for employees and families from joining until leaving. Annual tickets, contractual tickets and more…
Salary Processing Pay salary electronically by using our partner money exchange.
Employee Devices (IT services) Provisioning of Office equipment to employees like Mobile phone, laptop, PC, SIM card Microsoft office or Google subscription and more. Tracking and maintenance of devices.
Medical Benefits Arrange DHA medical insurance or additional cover plans for employees and family.
Business cards Provide business cards for eligible employees.
Training Requests Mandatory trainings, refresher trainings and one-off trainings based on organization rules.
More Service You request a new service and we will incorporate the same!
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